Friday, April 24, 2015

Fast data processing with spark - review

I've got that book "Fast data processing with spark" and yesterday I spend on reviewing it..
I will not go into deep details, just quick one: it was quite disappointing book:

  • If you interested in one language (aka scala) then 1/3 of book is useless, as author is providing every example in 3 languages: scala/java/python.
  • Together there are ... 2 examples, so not much to share/learn.
  • Second example uses library that you cannot find anymore :-(, I mean - maybe if you spent more time to dig particular problem on geolocation - but do not use that book as geolocation solution. For general publicity not worth.
  • Explanations what's going on on examples are really light - and this is me being polite. 

Book: Not recommended.

If you want to check "working solution" updated to 2015 code base with existing libraries, check my project on github: 

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