Monday, September 23, 2019

Design patterns - no more

Design patterns - choose good programming language without internal "philosophical" gaps, then you don't need to learn patterns!

Yes, I admit I have aversion to patterns, for a simple reason - if programming language that you choose is good ... you don't need patterns, you don't need workarounds to cover language issues.

In my opinion patterns are just workarounds/cover-ups for language gaps/inconsistency.
It looks like: you build the house on the tree and you forgot to put a ladder, so you cannot reach the doors. Then comes patterns: use ropes, build concrete staircases, etc...
If you spend time on planing tree-house in the first place - no need for workarounds.

Just to be clear yes I'm talking about java - if you want to write a good program you need to know the whole catalog of patterns (starting with GOF). If you compare it to python, scala (tobe checked: kotlin, swift) - no more patterns. There are some suggested good behaviors like use functional instead of OO, but that is your choice/ your style.

I think this is an advantage of new languages - if you want to promote a new language you need to have it clean and easy to learn and use.

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